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Software Training

For over years, BITech Consulting Services has developed applied and refined methods for delivering leading-edge technology solutions. We have the best people, track record and process to give you the Best in IT industry.

With our comprehensive curriculum and highly skilled education consultants, educations services supply the right skills at the right time to the right audience. We ensure your business intelligence success by providing:

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  • Training on full life cycle IT solutions development, implementation and usage.

  • A Global Team of education consultants who have logged thousands of hours of training.

  • A variety of classes -- from AWS, Azure, Devops, Hadoop, Data Modeling, ETL and Advanced querying(Power BI, Tablue, Cognos, SSRS) to environment configuration and administration.

  • Goal oriented, comprehensive education solutions based on your specific education needs.

Business Intelligence goes beyond simple data collection. Through skilful analysis, this in-demand discipline provides professionals with an overall view of an organization’s standing, answering vital questions about financial gains and losses, areas for improvement and product performance. With our specialized training support onsite and online interactive, you’ll learn key concepts that will help both you and your organization achieve more despite volatile economic conditions and increasing competition.
What we aim to accomplish for you for any BI tools training:

  • Business Intelligence concepts and terminology.

  • The purpose and capabilities of successful Business Intelligence and how value is actually generated within organizations.

  • How people, information, technology and business objectives are all critical components of BI success.

  • The common challenges and risks encountered in BI implementations.

  • How to utilize Systems Thinking concepts to describe Business Intelligence holistically and how it depends on the integration of many different types of components that must work together.

Target Audience who should learn more about the tools and techniques:

  • Business Managers and Executives.

  • Business Analysts.

  • Business Measurement and Performance Analysts.

  • IT Analysts and Developers.

  • Data Management Analysts.

  • Technology and Business Architects.

  • BI Program Managers and Team Members.

  • Anyone with an interest in understanding the capabilities, opportunities and challenges offered by Business Intelligence.