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Cloud Solutions

BItech INC consulting services help your company build its cloud, teach you how to manage and use it and are on your side, every step, to make sure that you tap all the potential of the Cloud, but with a clear eye on all constraints and what-ifs.

Our team beefs up every chance and choice you have to manage and use the cloud. We relentlessly pursue in converting the on-paper-advantages of cloud computing into real-results – like enterprise mobility, productivity, and operational efficiency.

Cloud computing is one of the most promising technologies in the modern day world. Several companies have already popped in the cloud market and achieved desired goals they planned for their business’s expansion. To add more to cloud’s importance in the growing IT industry.

Cloud computing has been credited with increasing competitiveness through cost reduction, greater flexibility, elasticity and optimal resource utilization. Here are a few situations where cloud computing is used to enhance the ability to achieve business goals.

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS)

  • Private cloud and hybrid cloud

  • Test and development

  • Big data analytics

  • File storage.

  • Disaster recovery

  • Backup